Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Big Picture: The Rise of Statement Art By: Caitlin Kelch

The Big Picture: The Rise of Statement Art

When it comes to adding wall art to one’s space, there are a few schools of thought. We’ve watched the rise of the collection approach — which provides the cohesive interest of a salon wall — and now we’re seeing the return of statement art that boldly sets the tone of the room in a single, large piece. The singular, oversize approach is on the rise perhaps as a way to calm the mind and provide an aesthetic refuge from the image overload stream that our digital lives have become. Whether it’s an inspirational piece like a colorful map or a painterly floral, a single piece in a communal space like a living room or dining room can have the effect of focusing everything within the space, from the conversations that take place within to the arrangement of the furniture.

With a modern nod toward minimalism, homeowners are finding expansive ways to adopt some of the less-is-more tenets of minimalism with the adventurous and colorful imagery they’re consuming on their screens every day. These bold wall pieces can transform a wall and a space in ways that a micro approach generally can’t. There’s no up-close examination, no wondering what the frame holds — there’s simply a wash of emotion that sets the tone for how one perceives the room and what happens within it. In oversize art’s uncomplicated simplicity, it’s a comfort to feel like we’re not missing anything — it’s all laid out before us and we can simply enjoy the room and people within it! —Caitlin

Checkout the slideshow above for some of our favorite spaces outfitted with a single piece of art!





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