Thursday, July 30, 2015

BH&G Organize With This: Beds That Store More! From Jen Jones

Today's Inspiration comes from Better Homes and Garden's Style Spotters Jen Jones.

Do you ever wish that you had more storage? I think we all have at some point in time as having proper storage typically relates to a clean and orderly space. Home storage closets and cabinets are commonly referred to as “prime real estate”. It can feel unfortunate when your home doesn’t boast the amount of storage you are after, but the bright side is that just about any piece of furniture can be altered to pack quite a bit of storage punch.

The bedroom is one area of the home that can often times be limiting in the storage department. Clothing, linens, pillows, seasonal items, shoes and books are just a select number of the items that are generally living inside of bedroom closets and wardrobes. If your bedroom doesn’t offer the amount of built-in storage you are after, there are many exciting ways that you can modify your bed to achieve maximum bedroom organization. Here are a few examples of how your existing bed can store more!

1. Bookcases

Bookcase Headboard

By lining the wall behind the bed with a row of bookcases, you are making the most of the vertical space and dramatically increasing storage for books, baskets and treasures. The shelving can also double as a nightstand in rooms that are too narrow to accommodate the extra furniture.

2. Floating Shelves

Shelving Above Bed


Another option is to stretch a piece of shelving from wall-to-wall to create modern and simplified “built-in” storage. This option also doubles as a place to set a glass of water and your favorite bedtime reading material.

3. Built-In Bed

Built-In Headboard

Modular storage units can be pieced together around the perimeter of the headboard to create a custom wall of built-ins. The image above incorporated the nightstands right into the design which really makes the most of the wall space. To go the extra mile, consider lining the bookcases with a decorative paper or fabric and capping the furniture with a piece of decorative crown moulding.

4. Create a Closet

Headboard Closet


Apartments and homes that don’t offer any type of closet space in the bedroom can be especially tricky. How about framing out the bed with a custom wardrobe? By placing the nightstands and bed on rolling casters, you can provide easier access to the clothing and accessories being stored behind the bed. This is a prime solution to fitting an entire bedroom on a single wall.

5. Divide & Conquer

Room Divider Headboard


It is a headboard in the front and a clothing closet in the back! Such a sweet and simple solution to not only act as a beautiful room divider, but to also provide concealed wardrobe organization in a studio space.

6. Under-Bed Drawers

Under Bed Drawers


As important as it is to utilize the vertical space in the bedroom, it is equally as important to make the most of the space below the bed. There are a variety of options for adding drawers under a bed; casters can be added to crates or old dresser drawers or the drawers can be built right into the bed frame for a seamless look. Under-bed drawers are ideal for stashing away bulky bed linens and off-season clothing.

7. Basket Case

Basket Bed Storage


Not only do over-sized baskets provide a bounty of concealed underbed storage, they also give the room decorative character.

8. Under-Bed Storage Bins

Rolling Underbed Storage

The easiest way to utilize the area under the bed is with rolling totes that are designed specifically for under-bed organization. These bins are lightweight, compact, roll, are easy-to-clean and are readily available at most home department stores. You can really maximize their storage capacity by pairing them with expandable drawer organizers.

What is your favorite way to create bedroom storage where there once was none?

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