Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Photographer Couple’s Beachy “Treehouse” in Melbourne, Florida By: Lauren Chorpening

A Photographer Couple’s Beachy “Treehouse” in Melbourne, Florida

I love when work means travel. I value getting to take in new places and experiences whenever possible, but I need a home base. There’s nothing like coming home to my peaceful house after being gone. This photographer duo has created a bright, beachy space that allows them to find rest and calmness in between trips and projects.

Beulah Anne Ekkelenkamp is a fine art photographer, fashion photographer and online shop owner and her husband, Alex, is a fine art wedding photographer. They contract separate clients and also own a destination wedding photography business together that takes them all over the world. Their home is an important touchpoint for them when their weeks are full of projects, people and new places. “The size is perfect for the two of us; it’s spacious but not too large to feel empty. It’s low maintenance, so it’s perfect for two people who are constantly traveling and on the go. As self-employed newlyweds, renting this apartment has truly been a pleasure,” says Beulah. The home’s white backdrop, natural textures and minimal amounts of furniture keep the space low-maintenance, yet inspiring. “My husband and I chose our home because it was a more private town-home style apartment surrounded by a lot of lush greenery. I am most thankful for the natural light, high ceilings, and the trees right outside our windows. We’ve nicknamed our home The Treehouse because it feels as if we’re up in the trees.”

They’re currently based out of Melbourne, FL but Beulah is originally from Brooklyn, NY and Alex recently moved from Alberta, Canada. Their beachy home reflects both where they are and where they’re from. “My decorating goals were to create a type of coastal living atmosphere that was clean, open, and minimal, but still cozy and welcoming, and not sterile. We live 10 minutes from the beach, so I wanted [to] incorporate that feel, but I’m a native New Yorker, and didn’t quite want to live in a typical beach house,” says Beulah. “I rented the apartment before my husband (then fiancé) moved here from Canada. He thought he was arriving to stacks of boxes and beige walls. I surprised him by having the apartment painted and decorated before he arrived! With immigration, visas, and packing and moving everything he owned, he was so relieved to move into a finished space.” Their simplistic, sweet space allows Alex and Beulah to retreat whenever they are home without having to worry about clutter or upkeep. –Lauren

Photography by Beulah Anne Ekkelenkamp







via Design*Sponge From Lauren Chorpening

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