Friday, July 31, 2015

MINE: Vintage Clothing, Trim & a Million Digital Photographs By: Caitlin Kelch

MINE: Vintage Clothing, Trim & a Million Digital Photographs

While I’m only about one third of the way through my basement re-organization project, I can safely say it’s been one heck of a creative endeavor! This isn’t just your ordinary basement clean-up, and this is beyond purge. This is more like an excavation process, using tools and tiny brushes to dust off memories and then placing them in the most appropriate exhibit. I’m finding myself writing up an archive summary in my mind about the who, when and where’s of each piece taking up space. Ambitious, I know.

If you have been following the project, you’ll know I let go of my hundreds of color chips and they now reside at the local art studio for kids who want to make art. And you also know that I’ve kept my aluminum molds, which allow me to daydream about my grandparents’ fancy nights out like I did when I was seven. My latest dive took me to my vast collection of vintage clothing which I rocked back in the day, but sadly, have spent a decade or more trapped in mismatched plastic bins and discarded comforter bags. This collection has many sub-sections, like too-cutesy 1960s nighties and Gidget-style bikinis.

Since it’s summer, I tried to keep it seasonal and tackle the summer sets. Who wants to handle wool and faux fur in the heat of July? As I was laying each piece out, I realized I was (and had been back at the time of purchase) creating characters with personalities different than my own. As an introverted only child, these were my wild and social imaginary friends with whom any social awkwardness was completely unnecessary.

My re-org project was put on the back burner for a bit while I played dress-up and crafted with my long-lost girl gang. It was like the slumber party scene in Grease.

I decided to invite my BFFs upstairs and be my roommates once again, where my daughter could experience her mother’s wackiness and love of pink and polyester. And, believe it or not, she actually loved what we made for her room.

Here’s to girl power!

Click through the slideshow to see how we transformed long-lost pieces into décor we now enjoy every day. —Caitlin

Thanks so much to Shutterfly for inspiring creative ways to capture memories and create pieces that can move into our everyday lives and literally turn home décor into autobiography! Who knew I could rest my head on a pillow of happy memories?

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via Design*Sponge From Caitlin Kelch

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