Friday, July 24, 2015

How We Battled an Allergic Reaction to Mosquito Bites From (House of Smiths)

Today's Inspiration comes from guest blogger (House of Smiths) Be sure to check out their blog!
Oh Jocey girl. Who is she in a nutshell?
She's our independent, loving, sassy, helpful, determined, creative, passionate twin B.
And if I could show you one picture that sums her up... well, the below would be it.

Every year we head to the DI (our local thrift store) and pick out every semi-decent $5-$10 women's dress that we can find, for our big ol' dress up box.
Yes, sometimes they are gaudy, tacky, ridiculous and even funny... but my twins LOVE them, and it's basically impossible to find any dress up clothes that fit my twins' almost 5 foot tall frame. And yup, my two 9 year olds and 7 year old are still OBSESSED with playing dress up - and I love it so much :) I mean, isn't life just one big fashion show, where you dress up each day to feel good about yourself!? Well, that's how I feel anyway.
Like I mentioned before, my strong-willed, passionate little chick is totally determined to dress, look and act like a "business lady" who looks fancy and knows ALL the things, ALL the time. HA!
Don't know where she gets that from. lol

Another thing about Jocey, is her awesomely awful ability to attract almost every mosquito wherever she is, and then blow up like the human Michelin Man after she's bitten.
And before you ask, yes, we are usually very good about putting bug spray or Terashield Oil on her before she goes anywhere where she could get easily bit. Buuuut, I'm a Mom who forgets things, and she's a kid who doesn't care... so sometimes it doesn't happen like it should.

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