Monday, August 3, 2015

BH&G Building A Dream House: Darling Chicken Coops From Melissa Bahen

Today's Inspiration comes from Better Homes and Garden's Style Spotters Melissa Bahen.

Our poor chickens! We bought 6 sweet, day-old chicks earlier this year and kept them in a huge box in our garage until the weather outside warmed up. Now that the chickens are full-grown, fully feathered hens, they’ve been moved to our empty rabbit hutch. It’s quite roomy for a rabbit hutch, but with 6 plump hens living in it, I imagine things are getting a little tense. I think our dear chickies are probably rather tired of each other at this point, and would undoubtedly appreciate some room to roam and spread their wings. Luckily, we have a beautiful, new coop being built for them, and it should be ready any day! My husband is always meeting people who want to trade work and happen to be in the construction business; I feel like our house was largely built on favors and paybacks! And that’s exactly how we’re getting our chicken coop. It is built and painted and ready to go. We just have to figure out how to get it here.

If you’ve ever peeked at my “Someday House” board on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed lots of darling chicken coops. All of those pictures came in handy when we needed to choose a chicken coop design. Here are some of the super cute chicken coops we used for inspiration. Now we just need a name!

white chicken coop with a green door

Tilly’s Nest is a sweet blog about gardening and keeping chickens, and it won a Better Homes & Gardens Blogger Award last year! You can find lots of details and photos, inside and out, about this cute coop on the blog.

white farmhouse chicken coop

I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous chicken coop from Heather Bullard for years–I first spotted it long before we bought our land or started building The Dream House. It is so lovely. And you can even buy a set of plans to make your own!

williams-sonoma cedar chicken coop with garden box

This adorable (yes, adorable!) cedar coop from Williams-Sonoma features the coop and nesting box on top, an enclosed chicken run below, and a really, really cute attached garden box!

DIY black chicken coop with hanging lanterns

One of the very first things I ever pinned on Pinterest was this lovely black chicken coop from The Art of Doing Stuff. With it’s dark, moody paint and hanging lanterns, it reminds me of La Belle Epoque.

beautiful garden chicken coop

This chicken coop from Better Homes & Gardens makes ME want to pull a chair inside and read for a while under that leafy canopy!

I can’t wait to show you our chicken coop; I can’t wait to see it myself. And I’m sure our chickens can’t wait to get out from under each other and have a little more space and some fresh farm air. Stay tuned!

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